20% BONUS on all CPX Surveys

February 15, 2024

Coinfola presents yet another promotion for CPX Research:

  • 20% extra bonus on all completed surveys

  • Duration: 1 week (February 20th to 26th, from 00:00 UTC)

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Referrals Market

November 23, 2023

Hello everyone,

We have some great news for you - we have just launched Referrals Market on our platform!

This amazing feature allows you to buy or sell referrals and earn more money on Coinfola. It also allows you to view your specific referral statistics under the My Referrals tab.

You can save up to 10% when you buy referrals in Packages!

However, please note that we cannot guarantee the activity level of the referrals you purchase. You should be fully aware of the potential risk before any transaction.

We hope you enjoy this new feature.

Happy earning!

20% BONUS on CPX Surveys

October 30, 2023

Coinfola presents a promotion for CPX Research:

  • 20% extra bonus on all completed surveys

  • Duration: 1 week (November 1st to 7th, from 09:00 AM UTC)

Find out more - Coinfola Offerwall

Community Update - August

August 27, 2023

Hello everyone, 

If you've been facing glitches and server issues lately, we've got great news – we've fixed them all! And to make up for any inconvenience, we've bumped up the Faucet reward. Now you can earn 10 satoshi every 15 minutes – that's more crypto for you!

But hold on, there's more good stuff coming your way! We've made our Advertiser Panel much better-looking and easier to use. And guess what? We've also revamped our Ad Packages:

  • 2 seconds: 3 satoshi
  • 5 seconds: 4 satoshi
  • 10 seconds: 5 satoshi
  • 20 seconds: 7 satoshi
  • 30 seconds: 9 satoshi
  • 60 seconds: 14 satoshi

We're also introducing something new – IconCAPTCHA. It's a simple way to prove you're not a robot and keep your privacy intact. Don't worry, if you like the old hCAPTCHA, you can still use it for a while. But we recommend trying out IconCAPTCHA for a smoother experience, hCAPTCHA could be removed at any time.

Behind the scenes, we've done a lot of work to make Coinfola work even better. We've fixed things, made improvements, and upgraded our system. All of this is to make sure Coinfola runs well as more and more people like you join us.

Get ready to earn more with Coinfola – it's your time to shine!

Happy earning!

Community Update - July

July 18, 2023

Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce that Coinfola is experiencing rapid growth! To celebrate this milestone, we are thrilled to increase the reward for our BTC Faucet to 5 satoshi, effective immediately. You now have the opportunity to claim 5 satoshi every 10 minutes, allowing you to earn way more!

But that's not all! We take pride in providing the best rates on Offerwalls. We challenge you to find better rates elsewhere, and if you do, we'll match them! Whether it's surveys, tasks, downloads, or more, you can trust that Coinfola offers the most rewarding opportunities. Make the most of your earning potential with us!

Thank you for being a part of our community, and happy earning!